Sunday, January 4, 2009

Greetings, fellow Earthlings

Gentle Ladies and even gentler Gentlemen...
The latest escapee from the local mental asylum welcomes y'all to his blog page. I would like to promise you that this blog is going to be bigger and more famous than the Industrial Revolution encyclopedia ( That Pulitzer winning, #1 Bestseller called The Dummy's Guide to Industrial Revolution. Haven't read it? Go ahead and write it then!) For sure. Before I proceed, let me confess two things... 1) I have always bunked history classes 2) Promises are meant to be broken .

Ok, now that the perceived infamy of this blog has been set in stone ( lets ignore the possiblity that the same stone may be thrown smack back at my thick skull later) , lets proceed to get this show on the road.

RightO! Here we go. Traditional Indian customs require us to remember the Almighty before embarking on a new task...say a prayer to seek His Blessings.. Its 6.PM here in India right now. A beautiful evening... The Sun, after having blown hot all day, has acquired a serene crimson hue. A last few rays to go before it goes down, and proceeds to take its daily dip in the Ocean. The birds have returned to their nests in the trees. I wonder what the heck do they do all day anyway... I mean just fly around, eat nuts and worms and take undue advantage of gravity to pee down on innocent human beings? A bird's life.. Bah... Anyway returning to the point about the Prayer to the Almighty that I was to make, its 6 PM and God must be busy having His evening tea and snacks. Poor chap, He must be exhausted for the day listening to and counselling millions of requests which keep reaching Him thru several million prayin' devotees....."God give me this...God give me that...God take care of me....God make me successful... God make my girlfriend nag less..God give me a job...Hey Bhagwan yeh aapne kya kar diya...etc etc." And considering the times that we are currently living in, He must be working overtime. So I'll just give Him a well-needed break and let Him enjoy his tea and snacks. I can always pray later.

Chalo,now that the prayers have been taken care of,lets proceed to get this thing on the road.U see, yesterday in a moment of madness, I decided to start blogging.(My friends would disagree to that... only a moment of madness?They claim my moment of madness lasts 24/7. But then,thats a different story ..a different script which I feel is Ekta Kapoorable ( meaning Ekta Kapoor can plagarize it and make it into a soap or two) . I didn't plan to take this thing seriously... but then today,in another moment of madness,I decided to give it a shot anyway.

What am I gonna be bloggin' about? Nothing. Yes nothing. As you would unfortunately come to know, I have a very talkative conscience. As they say, ur conscience is ur best friend...and yeah, the dog comes a close second...Well I have a very talkative conscience which keeps hounding me all the time with all sorts of things...a little bit of "Main Aisa Kyon Hoon",as Hrithik Roshan put it in Lakshya....and a lot of "Baaki sab aise kyon hai"... Got me? Yes???!!! Gracious! I thought i was the only strange one.. its really feels good to have company. Didn't get me? Don't worry...i guess the dog's taken the first position. I intend to give you a peek into the conversations that take place between me and my talkative conscience. These conversations are legendary stuff , which when laid out in electronic text, would readily find a place in any junk e-mail folder of the world. In summary, it is 'Nonsense Aplenty'.

I invite you to let go and be part of the madness! . I invite to you to be willing victims of the epic called 'Nonsense Aplenty'. I am sure there will be times when you wont even understand what I write. But that's OK my dear people, there are times when I dont understand it myself. But I promise, you will be left scratching your heads trying to make sense of 'Nonsense Aplenty'. That's good isn't it? People, they claim, are so busy these days going about their daily work, that they dont have time to scratch their backsides. So by that logic, I am doing a service to the society by giving them ample scope to scratch atleast something.

My Good Wishes are with you. Until later,


Aditi R. said...

Ha ha ha.... U r a funny man, Parikshith. Good start. Looking forward to ur wonderful nonsense.

iceprincess said...

yea..u sure r funny.....
u will c me around....
scratching is always heaven!!!

Jyoti said...

'The birds have returned to their nests in the trees. I wonder what the heck do they do all day anyway...'

Seriously, i wonder.